KOR Speed

KOR SPEED is a gruelling interval training workout that will let you test your limits across 6 different stations. Using medium to lighter weights on your weighted stations, focusing on high reps and interval sprints on your cardio stations, you are guaranteed to get a sweat on!

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KOR’s speed class is a brutal combination of high intensity cardio intervals and powerful anabolic resistance exercises. The focus here is to burn a tonne of calories so be prepared. Expect to see movements such as kettlebell swings, slam balls, burpees and sprints.


Choose between full body, upper body, lower body and core! 

What to Expect

Get Fit

High Intensity Interval Training and anabolic resistance exercises for maximum effect

Get Lean

Tone muscle & get lean

Interval sprints

Interval sprints on the treadmills and assault bikes

Light to medium weights, no less sweat

Don’t let the lower weights fool you - intensity is ramped up in our SPEED classes!

Train Smart

Workouts structured for optimum results

Fitness for everyone

We will adapt your weights and exercises to ensure you’re challenged - whether you’re a fitness rookie or seasoned KOR-goer!

A unique blend of 6 stations


We have a wide selection of dumbbells to suit a wide range of exercises and abilities.

Assault Bike

The real cardio killer. During our speed class, you’ll be working in short sprints on these bad boys.


Ranging from 8kg to 32kg, we have you sorted for all your lift, swing and snatch needs.


It’s in the name, don’t say we didn’t warn you! Working on your power and speed, expect interval treadmills sprints on this station.


You know the bodyweight drill – here, we’re increasing intensity as you progress through the station. We say jump, you decide how high.

Punch bags

Glove up – it’s go time. Alternating between bag sequences and body weight exercises, this station will get you fighting fit in no time. 

SPEED instructors

Our speed instructors have the knowledge and experience to guide you through your workout safely, while making sure you’re being challenged and getting the most out of it.